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In my humble opinion..

It really helped the score that the movie was about Team Fortress 2 (great game! Seen the latest Sniper movie?).

Just like the first one, the dialogue was boring and there was nothing clever about it. The only decent line is 'ONLY YOU DIE'. But the way it was delivered kinda ruined it. (Sorry, I know voice acting is hard).

The action was a step down from 'Meet the Pyro' which I thought was more enjoyable (the action part). Seeing the Spy stab, stab, stab wasn't all that interesting.

Still, props for staying true to the TF2 graphic, but I gotta ask you: Why using ugly strokes to draw the mouth when everything else is clean and nice to look at?

Even worse.

The voice acting was mediocre and unfortunatly, that's the best thing I have to say about this movie.

There was nothing to the animation/graphic. It didn't add ANYTHING to the movie at all. It just servered as pillows for your eyes while the 'jokes' were being delivered.

Which brings me to my seconds point. The jokes were all bad. I'm so tired of swearing and regular gay jokes. There were no cleaver points, no smart dialogue or anything new at all. Just old: Snake is ghey. We hate Slippy. Come and cum etc.

I really exepected more after reading/hearing "The first one was just for fun, this time we are more serius about it!".


Couldn't you have waited just 1 more day?
And "directed" by Jerry? Come on... How much did you honestly direct?

But aside from those 2 "behind-stage" things... then it's still an awesome movie with sweet animation and I'm sure you'll get paid for your work.

Reaons I didn't gave it a full 10/, is because it didn't suprise me in any way. The action was too predictable and you always knew what was coming next.
The sound also needs some more attention next time, not a big deal, but still needed to archive absolut perfection.

You may now proced with your day :-)

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This is the most underrated game on all of newgrounds >:(

Love it!

A suggestion:
Invulnerable 0.2 seconds after getting a faic. It's impossible to change color if 2 faices are touching each other and you want to cum between them.

Zero entertainment value

As above, there was zero entertainment value in it for me.

I got to level 6 before I quit in boredom.

However, It still deserves credits for the very nice and stylish graphic and harcore coding, hardcore for me anyway ^^.

Unfortunately, entertainment/gameplay > graphic and amount of work behind the project.


"This is more than just a weapon... It is the symbol of a true hero."

Do I sense a fellow Half-Life fan ? :-)

Great game! But it would be nice if you could make an in-game request to your Allieds, like; ask them to attack/heal. It's annoying when an enemy only has 2 hp left and it heals itself just because your ally had to do the same (even though it wasn't neccesary).

Krinn responds:


I do like Half Life haha. Anyway, apart from setting your "AI Mode" at the start (Defensive, Tactical, Aggressive) there is no way to control them. I'm sorry about that, I'll work on that aspect next time! Thanks for the suggestion, and keep pwning :D

- Krin

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Still love it!

THe first part was good and it keeps getting better!

This piece of text is only a segment of your imagination brought on by a traumatic experince which goes deeper than Helms Deep.... or something funny.

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